Windows to the Wild at RiverWoods

You know the award-winning NHPBS show, hosted by Willem Lange. Willem is an active octogenarian who travels to explore New England trails and enjoys entertaining conversations along the way. In the summer of 2021, Willem filmed an episode at the new All Person’s Trail in the Cedar Swamp Nature Conservancy across the street from RiverWoods.

RiverWoods Manchester has been a dedicated supporter of the Nature Conservancy’s All Person’s Trail dating back to the days of community interest events. We believe in the mission of the trail. It provides an opportunity to appreciate nature for people of all abilities. The trail is certified as fully accessible by the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act

What is even more exciting? The episode filmed on the All Person’s Trail features Bill Foss, a resident of RiverWoods Manchester and a true nature enthusiast. The new season of Windows to the Wild kicks off on January 25, 2023.

Tune in and learn more, or schedule a tour to explore our area and to meet Bill in person!