The Passion Purpose

Rediscover Your Hobbies at RiverWoods

One of the most interesting things about a Retirement Community is the variety of people and passions that are all within your neighborhood. The beautiful thing about a RiverWoods Community is that our residents can make a passion into a purpose. A great example of this is Barbara D.

Barbara is an artist and expert in floriculture and landscape horticulture. In her working career, she was a Michigan Advanced Master Gardener, and she owned a garden design and maintenance company. When you love what you do, you never stop and that is certainly the case around campus here at RiverWoods.

As you drive to the main entrance, her eye-catching, whimsical garden beds are a work of art. Barbara shares, “I wanted to grow and learn about some New Hampshire native species, something different than a collection of flowers.” Her beds feature a mini-scale landscape design with water features, and items she collected while exploring the outdoors around campus.

A closer look reveals grasses, moss, and wild blueberry. Her beds are different, and a reminder that it is vital to honor the native ecosystem. “The local ecosystem depends on what is available from the insects to large mammals, and everything in between,” Barbara continues.

This is an important reminder to enjoy and respect our surroundings whether you are “into gardening” or not. She and a handful of other residents who combine their passion and purpose can be found in every corner of campus weeding, gracefully pruning or planting. Our community is grateful to have them.


What is your purpose? What is your passion? Would you like to have more time for the things that you love? Your future medical needs? They’re covered. Dig in, today!