Podcast Innovation on New Hampshire PBS

Don’t be surprised if you start to see a familiar face on NHPBS.  RiverWoods’ Vice President of Marketing, Cathleen Toomey, will be in eleven short segments between regular television programs throughout the day to talk about her podcast, Seniority Authority, which launched in April of 2021. These short segments, or “interstitials,” will debut two per month from January through May.

Find The Seniority Authority Podcast for free on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and almost any other podcasting app. The goal of this innovative new platform is to answer questions on aging. To date, more than 28 episodes are released, covering topics from dementia to downsizing, fitness to finance, and more. The podcast has had more than 6,000 downloads from across the US, and a new episode drops every two weeks.

“You can blame it on a cocktail party”, says Toomey. “Because I live in a small town (Exeter) and have worked for RiverWoods for many years, people would come to me with questions about aging. I would track down the answers then call them back.”

Toomey realized if more people were asking questions, then there was a need to amplify the answers about aging. Today, people are living longer, and have more choices than ever before. It can be hard to know where to go to find the answers. So, as the Seniority Authority tagline states, “Let’s get smarter about growing older.”

Dawn DeAngelis, Vice President, and Chief Content Officer at NHPBS saw the potential in this creative platform and she approached Toomey with the idea of partnering with video content. “This content is exactly what ourhttps://nhpbs.org/ viewers are interested in, and we are thrilled to bring this valuable information to the NHPBS audience.”

Learn more about the segments on the New Hampshire PBS Website: https://nhpbs.org/seniorityauthority/

Podcast guests include Dr. Robert Waldinger, Director of Harvard’s Study for Adult Development; Dan Heath, New York Times best-selling author; Ashley Campbell, Glen Campbell’s daughter, and more.  Subscribe today by visiting www.SeniorityAuthority.org or find the program wherever you listen to podcasts.