Meet Your Neighbors

There Are Many Ways to Stay Active at RiverWoods Manchester

Meet Your Neighbor, Lenny

Vivian Sheperis

“There are so many things to do here, I wish I had more time! I love having a designated space to work on my painting and other art. My dog Bingo and I walk several times a day and there are tons of places to explore right here on campus. I moved from a retirement community in Georgia, but originally from New York. I moved to New Hampshire to be closer to family and I’ve gained a second family. Everyone here made me feel so welcome right away.”

Carl Schmottlach

“I’ve always enjoyed woodworking and created larger furniture in my former home. I was excited to have the woodshop on campus at RiverWoods Manchester. I was inspired by another resident’s work and began to explore the more detailed side of woodworking using all of the tools available that I didn’t have previously.

The shop here at RiverWoods has really allowed me to develop more creativity in my woodworking making everything from walking sticks to charcuterie boards and utensils. The shop is part of the community and in a way, we serve all of the residents with wood repairs, special orders, and even a tool lending program.”

Caryl Buckley

“We were surprised by how much we enjoy it here. We thought we were choosing a CCRC because it was a sensible thing to do, but everyone is so nice. It’s such a warm and open group!

Every night there is something going on. The Bridge group Tuesday nights in one of the sun rooms. Saturday night is game night with all kinds of options. If you don’t know how to play, they’ll teach you.

There’s a lot we benefit from by living at RiverWoods Manchester. We signed up for a lot of the trips immediately after moving in. There were things we’d always wanted to do, but never got around to it – trips like visiting the State House in Concord and the Culinary School at Southern New Hampshire University.”

Nancy McGann

“I was very pleased to find out very quickly that it doesn’t take long to meet people here. Everybody is very friendly! It was such an easy transition, I hardly noticed the difference.

Art and Graphic Design have always been a part of my life, and I’ve been able to continue to use my skills since moving to RiverWoods Manchester. I am the graphic editor for the RiverWoods Manchester newsletter and I design brochures and hand-outs for the Benevolence Committee. I’ve also been a volunteer for the last nine years at the Currier Museum, giving tours of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Zimmerman House.

My biggest fear was that [my home at RiverWoods Manchester] would be too small and I wouldn’t have enough room — I downsized 50% of what I had prior to moving. Letting go of so much, you really think you’re going to miss it, but you know, I don’t miss any of it!”

Kate Riley & Scott Prentice

“We’ve known for quite a while that a CCRC was in our future; it just made so much sense. And since Scott’s mom spent 11 joyful years at RiverWoods, this was our first choice. The warm welcome we received from our initial visit has led to new friendships and a lot of laughter.

There are so many opportunities to meet people and get involved in activities. We had become more and more socially isolated over the last few years. And this community has given us the perfect way to stay involved, active and challenged.

There have been challenges, mostly for the staff, and they have always been ready to help. We both eat gluten-free and the dining room is so accommodating, assuring that we have safe and tasty choices every day. We also arrived with a bright red Tesla that needs regular feeding. Having an EV charging station on the campus makes it so much more convenient to keep her running.

And I’ve finally found the time to pick up the hobbies I’d neglected while taking care of a house. And there are a few more I’d like to try.”