Fitness Program

Our Fitness Program Offers Something for Everyone 

Our bright, well-appointed Fitness Room offers something for everyone! Whether you wish to join a class, learn a new skill, or simply desire to increase your strength and flexibility — whatever your personal activity level, there is something here for you. We provide a wide range of classes to suit all levels of physical fitness, as well as individual attention, to keep you feeling healthy and strong.

Val enjoys staying active at RiverWoods

Open Gym Opportunities

Work at your own pace — our Fitness Room is well-supplied with a variety of strength-building equipment and free weights, as well as a treadmill, rowing machines, recumbent bicycle, step machine, functional trainer, and more. Looking to improve your fitness knowledge? Stop by the Fitness Room for some one-on-one instruction. Our Fitness Coordinator, Megan, would love to help you develop a fitness routine that is right for you.

"I am a firm believer that being mindful is the key to truly being able to see and feel any positive changes pertaining to your health & well-being. I am a huge advocate and motivator for mental well-being, loving your body through all stages of life, and expressing gratitude each day." Schedule a tour to meet Megan

Megan Levesque - RiverWoods Manchester Fitness Coordinator

I love the fitness activities.

I really enjoy the Strength Training class. We enjoy new and creative ways to gently build strength and balance.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

From yoga to strength training, walking for fitness (and fun), to relaxation techniques — our Fitness Instructors work diligently to help our residents remain strong and active!

Some of our many classes include:

  • Strength Training  If you think this class is about sitting, think again! Each class focuses on a different routine to keep your body fit, flexible and strong.
  • Meditation The more we become aware of our breath, the more we are able to calm the mind and access and experience the bliss of our hearts through meditation.
  • Cardio Dance  A 30 minute class that keeps you moving and incorporates many of your favorite dance steps featuring live piano music from a talented resident
  • Nature Walks  Resident guided walks through the on-campus trails and the 640-acre nature preserve across the street from the main entrance. Explore new places and connect with other residents while enjoying nature.
  • Yoga A variety of class types, with a focus on breathing techniques to help bring awareness of our movements and reduce stress. Guided variations include seated and standing positions with the aid of a chair, with the goal of improved flexibility, posture, and range of motion.

Whatever your current state of fitness – mildly curious, passionate, or “the doctor is telling me to get up and move” – you will find a fun, welcoming, and active environment at RiverWoods Manchester. Your physical fitness can be as intense, fun and/or social as you want it to be! We make it easy to stay fit. Take a class or work individually with our full-time fitness professionals to design a workout program that helps you achieve your personal fitness goals.

Class schedules vary by season and interest.