A Retirement Community for Active Adults

RiverWoods Manchester is a vibrant community of seniors passionate about living their best life. A community that is physically, socially, and mentally active. Our residents love to create and learn and enjoy sharing their interests with others — whether it’s gardening, art, music, history, woodworking, or nature.

Resident-Driven Community

We encourage our residents to be active citizens in the life of their new homes.  There are many choices – participating in committees, starting a new initiative, or helping to run one of the on-campus enterprises. Residents who serve on the Resident Council work directly with the Executive Director.  There is also an opportunity for a resident to be a full voting member on our CCRC Board of Trustees.  The Board is comprised of the CEO of the RiverWoods Group, volunteer members of the external community and residents of our communities. They work in partnership to provide strategic direction for the future of our existing communities.  

Our Inclusivity Philosophy

We define inclusivity as welcoming people. All people. We are thoughtful and intentional in developing our community to welcome the broadest spectrum of people, and we seek to consistently cast the widest possible net to expand the pool of potential residents, employees, and trustees. We are stronger for our differences. We are stronger, together.

RiverWoods Manchester Purpose and Commitments