L<3VE Your Brain Yoga is Here!

Bernadette Stephens, RiverWoods Manchester Fitness Coordinator is trained in this exciting program and poised to share it with residents.


Love Your Brain is a program with yoga and meditation at the core. This program was originally designed by a professional athlete who suffered a traumatic brain injury, but it became so much more. It aims to cultivate resilience in participants and provide tools for self-empowerment for any person experiencing the journey of life.

The yoga practice adapts specific poses to support learning and memory, utilizes soft lighting and soothing music for a welcoming environment, incorporates strategies for focus and release of negative thoughts while building community in group discussions and conversation.

If this sounds like your average yoga class, here is an example of a theme for one week’s practice, The Power of Positive Thinking. The steps begin with education by watching a short video, then a meditation and yoga practice designed to ease body and mind and finishes with Yoga Nidra or relaxation featuring a mantra or intention to integrate all of the pieces you’ve just experienced.

The science-based benefits and results of this program include:

  • 77% improved quality of life
  • 61% increased resilience and cognition
  • 67% enhanced positive affect
  • 97% high satisfaction rate with the program

Schedule your tour to meet Bernadette and learn more about how this program can benefit you!