It’s a Smart Financial Decision

Choose a life at RiverWoods Manchester and enjoy an active senior living community, maintenance-free living, premium amenities, flexible dining options, and assurance that your future is secure.

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A Safe and Secure Plan for the Future

At RiverWoods Manchester, you’ll have the peace of mind that any future health care needs will be met within your own community, and are guaranteed at a rate well below market. The care you receive is predictable and flexible at a great value — you don’t pay for the care you don’t need.

With up to 70% of the entrance fee refundable,

I love the security of knowing our future is taken care of and there will be something left to leave my family, too.

Make an educated decision by knowing the different contract types available at CCRCs

“We want to be able to leave some money for our family.”

Long-term care costs are going up, and we are all living longer. The smart strategy is to plan for the future by locking in a discounted cost for multiple levels of care. When you choose RiverWoods Manchester, you also have the promise of asset preservation and financial security – featuring contracts with up to 70% of the entrance fee refundable to you or your estate.

Health Care for Life (and Whatever Life Brings)

You join the community as an independent adult, and in the future, if you need care, you have guaranteed access to Assisted Living, Memory Care or Nursing Care, at prices well below market rate, right down the hall. Your community remains with you, and you don’t have to go through a disruptive change or a second move when or if your health care needs change.

Plus, Independent Living residents benefit from 30 free days of care per year in the health center.

RiverWoods Manchester’s Recent Renovation

Newly Renovated Homes, Dining Venues, Fitness Center & more.

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An Active Community of Independent Adults

They say you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your family of friends. Without the worry of home-maintenance, driving, or even cooking your own meals, you’ll have time to make the most of this time of your life. Whether it’s gardening, art, music, history, nature, or woodworking — RiverWoods Manchester is a neighborhood full of people passionate about living their best life.

Financial FAQs

  • Can I get health care in my home if I want or need it?

    When you want to remain in your independent home, but you need some extra help, Enhanced Living is available to you. Choose from a diverse menu of services, at an additional fee, and our staff will provide extra help to meet your needs and make life easier.

  • What Health Care Services do you offer?

    RiverWoods Manchester residents receive 30 free days a year of short-term care in our Health Center. When a RiverWoods Manchester resident is recovering from an illness or surgery, personalized Assisted Living care is provided by caring staff members in a familiar environment.

    Assisted Living, Nursing Care, and Memory Support are available to residents of RiverWoods Manchester at a price well below the market rate. There is no need for a second move or transition when your or you or your parents’ health care needs have changed.

    If long-term assistance with the activities of daily living is required, residents who transition to Assisted Living pay a significantly reduced rate for the additional services, well below what would be considered the standard market rate.

  • What if my spouse needs health care before I do?

    Often spouses age differently, and one spouse may need more care than another. Caregiving can put a strain on any relationship, but at RiverWoods Manchester, these relationships are preserved. One person can receive Assisted Living level of care, allowing the other to be a spouse, not a caregiver.

  • If I need Assisted Living, can I come back to my home?

    We anticipate residents may have intermittent, short-term needs for health care. That’s why our residents have the advantage of 30 free days in the health canter each year to ensure they can get episodic care on a temporary basis without a full-time transition to the health center.

  • Who decides if I need more care and what type of care I need?

    Moving from Independent Living to health care is a conversation you participate in, not a decision made on your behalf. If care needs are increasing, and you need more help, we will invite you, your family and your physicians to meet with our team and discuss what kinds of additional help you may need, and how RiverWoods Manchester can help. We would decide together if a change would be more beneficial for you and where it would make the most sense for you to receive that care.