18 in 8 Days!

A New Record for RiverWoods

In eight short days the RiverWoods Manchester marketing team helped 18 smart planners secure their future with a new cottage home. This is simply incredible and a new record for the RiverWoods organization. We are elated to move forward so quickly with such an enthusiastic, focused group.

It is clear that people understand the importance of taking a thoughtful approach to planning for the future while living a lifestyle that is easier with more time to enjoy the things they love. While all 18 cottages are reserved, take our advice and join the Leader’s Club waitlist. We understand – the thought of a waitlist seems discouraging, however, RiverWoods has a long history of new builds and believe it when we say it is absolutely worth getting into the cue.

Contact Jen or Katie to learn more, today!