5 Reasons Life is Better in Community

Your Solution for Safe, Connected Living

The Novel Coronavirus continues to affect the globe, with no real end in sight. Individuals and organizations have pivoted and evolved practices in countless ways to adjust to the new normal. While the process is dynamic in many ways, the people most at risk are older adults. A phenomenon sometimes called the Silver Tsunami – the demographic trend in the US of 10,000 people each day turning the age of 70, only continues to grow.

Meanwhile, there seems to be an unfortunate and sometimes generational misconception about retirement communities. People perceive moving to a retirement community during a pandemic as a scary or challenging choice, when, in fact, it is a very wise move. Allow us to shed some light on the subject with 5 reasons you should make the move now.

  1. Essentials are effortless. Many tasks of daily necessity are handled for you. At RiverWoods Manchester, we have systems in place for safe delivery of groceries or on-site shopping, meals provided and even medicine delivery. There is no need to go out shopping during special “senior hours” at the crack of dawn unless you want to. This also means that amenities like home maintenance needs are covered by our dedicated staff including repairs, housekeeping and security.
  2. Top-quality care. What should arguably be first on the list is Wellness and on-site health care services. The fully appointed and newly renovated fitness center at RiverWoods Manchester offers a variety of classes and 1:1 personal training – at no additional cost. Residents also have the benefit of a walk-in clinic or the ability to make an appointment with our Nurse Practitioner without having to leave the campus. If and when a higher level of care is needed, our health care center takes a holistic, and person-centered approach to your care.
  3. Complimentary safety and sanitation. Working closely with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC, the RiverWoods Group did not hesitate to implement strict infection control policies across all three campuses. Common areas like lobbies, elevators and mailrooms are sanitized several times daily. In addition, all of the staff, vendors and visitors to RiverWoods Manchester are screened for symptoms upon entry. RiverWoods Manchester employees also participate in an intermittent testing program and the RiverWoods Group is researching cutting edge practices to proactively detect the virus. The icing on the cake is complimentary PPE including masks and gloves.
  4. Safe Socialization. We know that isolation is increasingly a leading cause of premature death and statistics show that isolation is detrimental to the health of anyone at any age but is especially impactful with seniors. RiverWoods Manchester has implemented safe communal practices like small group gatherings and fitness classes in a safe, physically distanced manner. The Life Enrichment team added virtual programming into the mix and a resident-run COVID support group was created. Being in a community means you have the unique opportunity to safely socialize on a daily basis.
  5. Financial peace of mind. In rocky economic times, you can rest easy knowing your future needs are covered at a predictable cost. You no longer have the burden of taking care of a home and can provide a gift to your family in the form of asset preservation through our 70% refundable entrance fee contract. As of press time, the housing market in New England is very hot with buyers outpacing sellers nearly 2:1. Now is a great time to get top dollar for your home and live the life you love in a safe, connected community.

Moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community means getting all the advantages listed here and more! RiverWoods Manchester is a RiverWoods Group Community, the largest not-for-profit group of CCRCs in northern New England. We are pleased to offer virtual and in-person tours, so start your plan today!